Exotic Search Engines: Baidu (China) strenghtes her alliances with Bing

As if she wanted to bug Google in her plans for global domination, Baidu, the main Chinese search engine (75% market share), today unveils that she has allied with Microsoft’s Bing to provide English language search results on Baidu properties.

Depending on the source you are reading … egún la fuente que consultes dicen que se esperan para finales de mes o finales de año. El caso es que no es el primer acuerdo al que llegan, porque desde 2006 están usando la plataforma de Microsoft para mostrar resultados de pago. por otra parte, se espera que los resultados se sirvan convenientemente filtrados, claro.

Si Mao levantara la cabeza… (se daba con la tapa de la urna).

More info on: http://www.multilingual-search.com/baidu-signs-deal-for-english-results-in-china-with-microsofts-bing/05/07/2011/ with an interesting analysis by Andy Atkins-Krüger about the reasons for the deal, http://spanish.peopledaily.com.cn/92121/7429790.html and http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/05/technology/05microsoft.html?_r=1

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